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Qwik-Load Set, Lever-Action Turnbuckles Kit or Upgrade Kit

Qwik-Load Set, Lever-Action Turnbuckles Kit or Upgrade Kit
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Mfr. Happijac

$79.59 - $223.88

The Qwik-Load upgrade is designed to work with Happijac turnbuckles or other turnbuckles using 1/2" threaded rod. Combined with the time-proven strength of Happijac turnbuckles you will have the most reliable, safest, and strongest turnbuckles available.

FM-QLTB Qwik-Load set includes the following:

  • 4 ea. Qwik-Load lever-action turnbuckle adapter
  • 2 ea. 18" Threaded Rod (for use with rear turnbuckles)
  • 2 ea. 6" Threaded Rod (for use with front turnbuckles)
  • 4 ea. Locking Pin
  • 4 ea. Jam Nut
  • The FM-QL kit is an upgrade only, Happijac Turnbuckles are NOT included.

    Although Qwik-Load works with any turnbuckle using a 1/2" screw, if you do not currently own Happijac Turnbuckles you may wish to purchase them to use the FM-QL Qwik-Load upgrade.

    • Lever-action turnbuckles upgrade
    • Allows for adjustment of turnbuckles after installation
    • Removable handle streamlines appearance and deters theft
    • Compatible with all turnbuckles using 1/2" threaded rod
    • Locking pin to ensure safe and secure performance
    • Comfortable handle

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Qwik-Load Set, Lever-Action Turnbuckles, (4 Per Pack)
16-0076 FM-QLTB (048-FM-QLTB) Lever-Action Turnbuckles Each 1-2 Days
Qwik-Load Upgrade, Turnbuckles Not Included (4 Per Pack)
16-0079 FM-QL (048-FM-QL) Upgrade Only, No Turnbuckles Each 1-2 Days
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