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Replacement Circuit Board For Dometic

Replacement Circuit Board For Dometic

Mfr. Dinosaur Electronics Inc

Replacement Circuit Board For Dometic.

  • Control boards for dometic refrigerator
  • Locate the refrigerator model under the model # column
  • The Dinosaur Part # is to the right
  • In some cases there may be a choice between 2-way or 3-way versions
  • Order the corresponding number in the left column under the NTP #
  • Three year warranty registration card included with each board
  • DE Board#: MICRO P-711 Model#: NDR 1062 NDR 1272 NDR 1282 NDR 1492 RM2551 RM2554 RM2607 RM2611 RM2612 RM2652 RM2807 RM2811 RM2812 RM2820 RM2852 RM3607 RM3662 RM3663 RM3807 RM3862 RM3863 RM4872 RM4873 RM7030 RM7031 RM7130 RM7732 RM7832 S1521 S1531 S1621 S1631 S1821 S1831

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Replacement Circuit Board For Dometic
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